The functional beverage consisting of 100% natural mineral water enriched with minerals and stabilized ions.


TESLA VODA is the final stage in the development of ionized bottled water.

TESLA VODA is the world's first and only, high quality ionized alkaline drinking water, created as a result of a unique revolutionary water ionisation technology (where ions bind to clusters and remain preserved in the very structure of water).

TESLA VODA is obtained from the purest sources, composed of the finest minerals and enriched by the technology of the greatest scientist of all time, Nikola Tesla. Whether used during sports, at celebrations or everyday life, TESLA VODA, with its unique properties, ensures optimal renewal and revitalization of cells in human body and supports development of new, healthy cells. TESLA VODA represents the best that science and nature can offer.


TESLA VODA is drawn from the foothill of the medieval monastery, which makes the perfect combination of tradition and science, the past and the future. The unique taste comes from the perfect minerals and ions ratio (pH 8,5). You will experience it with every bottle.


TESLA VODA represents the way of life in the spirit of the time, modern technology combined with cleanliness of unspoiled nature, simple design and high awareness of quality.

TESLA VODA fills the inner desire for health and the way of life in harmony with nature.


TESLA VODA bottle design reflects the very essence of water geometry, its flow and energy. With clear lines and modern design, the TESLA VODA bottle represents the future in the way of thinking. We have one in the foreground, "life energy of water".


• Additional source of energy for cells
• Eliminates bloating and problems with digestion
• Affects the detoxification of cells and the entire organism
• Anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)
• In contact with body fluids, it progressively alkalizes the entire body
• Multiple positive effects on athletes
• Reducing the effects of alcohol on human body

TESLA VODA is designed by using high technology based on the work and findings of the great genius, Nikola Tesla, and taking into account all known and the wider public less familiar patterns and characteristics of water, as well as the functioning and metabolism of human cells.


A unique combination of our innovative product and marketing campaign in cooperation with top athletes and prominent personalities is a proven recipe for success. TESLA VODA should, like other Premium water, be a trendy but healthy drink.


TESLA VODA primarily fulfills the task of improving overall human health and raising the collective consciousness in accordance with natural processes.


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